Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Choose your partner with care

Last weekend we were at the beach and it was rather empty around. I guess most of the people were either at home as this is the holy month of fasting or did not think it was a good idea to be at the beach on this hot summer afternoon.
While our daughter was reluctantly getting introduced to the Majestic Sea under the mother’s supervision, not at all amused by its vastness, I decided to take a lone stroll along the water.

I spotted a dead fish on the sand I remembered two stories that keep having a significant impact on our lives. These are the fish story and the scorpion stories of life. I thought of sharing these with you as both of these are worth sharing.

The Fish Story
A small boy was once walking in the beach along the water and he noticed that as waves were crashing into the sand they were throwing hundreds of small fishes out of the water. Those little creatures had no hope of surviving. Then he saw a man who was picking a hand full of those fishes and letting them back in the water. A little boy who was amused and asked,

“Sir there are hundreds of fish that are been thrown out with each wave. You are rescuing only a few while most of them are dying anyways. What difference does it make?”
The next wave swept in and he picked one fish and while he returned it back to the water, he said
” It did make huge a difference to this fish. It is alive.“

It also made a big difference to the boy!

The Scorpion
The other story that crossed my thoughts was that of the scorpion who used to live by the side of a pond along with other creatures. It was raining heavily one day and water started to overflow and flood the surrounding areas. As land was getting submerged, the only way for the creatures to survive was to swim across to the other side. The scorpion did not know how to swim and approached a frog with a request for a ride across to the shore.

“I won’t do that as you will sting me” said the frog said.
“Now you are my partner. If I will do that my I will sink with you” said the scorpion.
Reassured the frog let the scorpion ride on his back as it swam across. Half way through the scorpion stung on the back.
The poison paralyzed the frog’s limbs and asked as they were sinking the frog asked,

“Why did you do it? Now you too are going to die.”

“What can do my friend” said the scorpion with tears rolling down.

“This is my nature.”

Choose your partner with care. friends

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kolkata - The City Of Joy

Someone once told me that a camera does not lie (Photoshop does though). If I click a photograph today and another one after a year, it will show me difference in Black and White (may be in color). The point here is that the differences shows up without any emotional bias as opposed to human eyes.
Calcutta, now known as Kolkata has been very unlucky with the publicity she received in the recent past. It has been mostly bricks and seldom praises, in spite of being the City of Joy.
Today I am posting a series of pictures that I have received by an email from a friend. It will change your perception. These are photographs and they are not supposed to lie! (Kudus to the photographer)

Kolkata is in the heart of every Bengali with all its pluses and minuses. We all dream of settling back there one day.

We too say... next Durga Puja, we will be in Kolkata!

Kolkata is in the heart of every Bengali with all its pluses and minuses. We all dream of settling there one day! We too say... Come next Durga Puja and we will be in Kolkata!

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Barber Theory Of Our Life

My brother has a way of elevating stories to the level of life defining theories. A few of those are so popular between us that these have become part of our life. I would like to share a few of those in the coming weeks will start with the Barber Theory.

Barber Theory: One can do lots of things if he does not have complete knowledge.

Once upon a time there was a barber in a village. He was also the de-facto local surgeon who took care of all the surgical needs of the village. Operating seamlessly through any boils, tumors any other ailment that came across and his hand never trembled. So cheap and efficient was his service that professionally trained surgeon of the area started to get affected as no patients went to see him. He was sad and complained to his peers and friends. One of his doctor friends told him, “Don’t you worry! I will fix it for you tomorrow.”
The very next day the physician went and witnessed the barber in action. Once ther surgery was completed, he asked the barber” how could you perform with so much confidence?”
The barber said “what is the big deal. I do this regularly!”
The Physician explained “if you had cut a little bit extra on the right it would have severed the vein that supplies blood to the right side of the brain. The blood circulation to the brain would have stopped leaving the patient paralyzed.” And he went on to explain exactly where each vein and nerve and tissues and muscles and all the other body components were. He also described in detail what the risks and consequences were if something gone a little wrong.
When the barber went to perform the next surgery, his hand was trembling and he was not sure anymore where to cut and how much to cut. He was worried about the consequences as he was aware of the possibilities and the dangers.

Knowledge makes a big difference! (May be at times, if not always!)

This is in response to Shekhar Kapur’s blog post “A Blackberry addict discovers grassroots enterprise in India” (